Hidden Sex Messages In Walt Disney Movie

Rumah dijual di Pamulang - Jual Rumah murah di Pamulang ,Hidden Sex Messages In Walt Disney Movie by SAO Blog Online - Cartoons much preferred, especially by children. Many aspects of a cartoon that inspires a person to watch and enjoy cartoons, ranging from visualization funny and colorful story to the full moral and kindness to the children. But it seems some filmmakers and animators apply naughty by inserting the smell of sex in a cartoon scene. The scene at a glance will not realize a lot of people, but when you watch every second scene there, these things turned out to be a cartoon.


  One of the animators in the film THE MERMAID litle threatened with being fired when he was known to draw one of the pillars of King Triton's palace to form male genitals. It is recognized a lot of people are very disturbing. Fortunately, he will soon make a new image before the deadline for the cultivation of his maturity. He was admitted unconscious to draw one of the pillars with such forms. He realized when someone called him and told him about the picture.

  The scene when the character is married minister Ursula (disguised as Ariel) and Eric. The minister Tijig seen erect. The scene then changed to the new version which shows that the erection is none other than one of the prominent knee.
About 38 minutes looks Bianca and Bernard fly and clearly visible in the picture topless women in a different frame. Disney claims that the picture was not placed in the frame by their animators, but inserted during post-production process.
Cartoon character Jessica Rabbit in the movie WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT ever made ​​tantrum because her appearance was too sexy for a cartoon family. Not quite the controversy, there is one scene where Jessica and the character played by Bob Hoskins was in a taxi and crashed into a street light. When Jessica fell, lifted her skirt and she looks not wearing underwear.

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Baby Herman goes under the skirt "caregiver" he looks to extend his middle finger looked into her skirt. Finger was edited out DVD release of the movie, as you can see in the bottom picture.

"Hercules." After Hercules punches River Guardian, horseshoe hits him in the head causing the phallic shaped lump growing out of his head. It eventually grew into a penis shape morphing including eyebrows into a set of testicles. "
"Hercules." When the Muses sang the song "Zero to Hero" after one sang "Does he dare." He stepped forward and her dress flew up, revealing once again that she was not wearing anything inside his robes.

"Toy Story 3" toys This scene shows the character reacts with wide-eyed surprise seeing now growing owner, Andy adults engaging in sexual relations. Only shadows are suggestive of the view-able. However it has been proved that the shadow image does not actually appear in the version of Toy Story 3, it was created as a hoax virus.
"The Lion King." Poster for the 2002 re-release of Disney's The Lion King quietly displays a picture of a woman wearing only tiny panties, clearly showing off its assets.

The scene in THE LION KING has long been debated. When Simba was looking at the sky at the edge of the cliff, he lay down in the bush flowers. No direct interest floating and form the word SEX. Parties animator then refute by saying that the original word is SFX.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame. "Esmerelda curvy body that is highlighted and appears to dance naked for his fire. In most of the dances he appeared dressed but a few frames show the most detail with the naked body around her breasts and inner thigh area.

"Mickey Mouse: Bladid." Coming from a beautiful mind working for Euro-Disney, Bladid, has cover art featuring Mickey with his hands around the large blue penis aka Minnie body. Provided in the game disney theme park also contains elements of pornography ..