The original form of the Antichrist Seen By Men's

The original form of the Antichrist Seen By Men's By Sao Blog Online - i hate dajjal, so in this post i will share about dajjal, A hadith explains, that one day after congregational prayers, the Prophet Muhammad withstand the Sahaba and said as follows: "Tamim Dari, a Christian who embraced Islam, he told me about the Antichrist, which fits with what ever I tell you ". Then he described the experience of Tamim From the following:
"One day he sailed with some people from the tribe Lakhm and Judham. After a month-long sail, they landed on an island, where they met for the first time with a strange creature, calling itself Jassassh (original meaning spy). Jassasah
inform them about a man who lived in the Church. Then they visited the man in the Church, which looks like a giant, whose hands were tied to his neck, and his feet bound with chains, from the knee to the eye-foot. They carry on a conversation with this person, who suddenly he asked them about the Prophet Muhammad, and he ended the conversation by saying: 'I was Masihid Dajjal, and I hope that I was soon released, and I can explore the entire world, except Makkah and Medina ".

One thing that is certain is that the whole story is not a regular occurrence, but rather a visions (ru'yah). As evidence that the incident occurred in ru'yah is the fact that the Dajjal ask them the following: "Tell me about the Prophet Ummi nation (the Arabs), whether he was doing".

Their questions answered as follows: "He left Mecca and arrived at Medina". In another hadith, narrated Dajjal asked as follows: "This person is appearing in between you, what does it do?" (Kanzul-Ummal vol VII, p 2024).

How could the Antichrist know that the Prophet of the Arabs had appeared? Does Dajjal has received revelation? Of course not. And also not likely that this is the case tekaan.

Other events related in this Hadith, it reinforces the notion that this occurs in ru'yah. For example, who is tying the hands of the Antichrist on his neck? Who bind her feet with a chain? Can we suppose that the Antichrist was born in such circumstances? Why not take off the chain Jassasah Dajjal? All these complex issues can only be solved if we assume this story came from Tamim From ru'yah.

Everything that is known by the Holy Prophet related to this issue is also based ru'yah. God never brings him to an island, and told him to see eye-Dajjal with his own head. In contrast, only through ru'yah alone, he saw the properties of the Antichrist. He presents ru'yah Tamim From this, just to reinforce what is known by him in as he tells ru'yah also the dream of the other Companions. This hadith gives us a clue to where the live-Dajjal:

1 He lived on an island.
2 The location of this island as far as one month voyage from Syria.

There's another one that people can learn from this Hadith, namely, that at the time of the Prophet, the Antichrist has been there, but he has not been allowed out.